Creating the top most part of the structure where the ferrofluid will rest was the biggest challenge. Ferrofluid was not the ideal type of fluid that would work well with glue. After many iterations, ferrofluid successfully rested enclosed in between a thin acrylic sheet and thin silicone layer on top. 

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Tangible Interfaces





        AnimaFluid is a dynamic touchable liquid interface that is ferrofluid based. Ferrofluid is controlled by programmable switches and electromagnets. It is a touch interface that actuates change, flux or movement. By using programmable material with a diverse range of properties, AnimaFluid could be programmed using touch, acoustic, magnetic and other sensors. For example, touching the material will invoke shape change on the surface. 


* This was a group work done with Amir, Artem, Heamin, and Ali

Process of making a thin silicone layer. This process was the hardest of all because ferrofluid would leak once in a while due to thin silicone layer that we prepared. 
Inside AnimaFluid device, electromagnets are robustly screwed onto the supporting plate. Pressure sensors are used to detect inputs. Relays, the largest component, and Arduino board rest on the bottom most part.