Computer   graphics 


Hye Soo Yang, Professor Anderson.



I love to think in 3-D because the extra dimension allows more space through which people can interact with a digital medium. 


Below is the final project I made for a computer graphics course. I tried to imitate Metro City from MegaMind, a 3-D animated film. I implemented keyboard control for navigation, car animation, and recursive method to build the capitol building so that I can easily replicate the structure with different parameters. 



Final Project



The columns for the capitol building in the center can be toggled on and off. They took forever to update whenever the camera moved and so we decided to toggle it off. Creating .PPM images (series of snapshots used for creating animations) on Wellesley CS server was also very slow. As a result, we were our animation is short.


To find more about the project, please visit this page.



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