Live   Trace   II 


Hye Soo Yang, Andrea Cola├žo





        As a continuation of Live Trace I, the interactive experience enabled through quick input actions are extended to full-display see-through Vuzix glasses. Both projects are focused around bringing natural hand gestures to head-mounted display(HMD) devices which have limited input mechanisms due to their size and mounting location. In Live Trace II, two HMDs are used: Vuzix Star 1200XLD glasses and the Google Glass. Leap Motion controller is integrated with Vuzix for capturing hand information while PMD Camboard Nano 3D camera is mounted on the Google Glass for identical purposes. The choices were made based on the size of the device and their use cases. 







Vuzix Star 1200 XLD Glasses

with Leap Motion

Google Glass with PMD
Live Trace II implementation using Vuzix glasses was targeted for indoor use cases as the device needed to be connected to a laptop for a larger processing power. As a result, many interaction styles and application (shown below) ran in a much faster with more precision than in Google Glass. 
Live Trace II  Interaction Styles and Application
Live Trace II  Demonstration

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