Relighting   the   scene   in   ar


Intermittent mini project III





        Virtual contents can seamlessly be integrated in the real environment with the help of augmented reality technology in which AR markers give information about the orientation of the surface for the 3D content to be displayed from the correct view point perspective. However, these 3D contents often look off and do not blend into the environment so well due to their inherent light settings, if any. 


Relight the Scene project is geared towards giving users the ability to control the direction of the light with a fingertip. The PMD Camboard Nano camera, as shown in the image on the right, is used to capture the 




depth information about the hand. Through a number of image filtering operations, the tip of the index finger is acquired with which the user can move the light source around and relight the AR scene for it to match the light settings of the real environment. *For this mini project, only one light source was used.
PMD Camboard Nano
Screen Snapshot of the Project in Action
Relighting the Scene in AR Demonstration 

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